Tuesday, 30 August 2011



To keep you warm in deepest winter, we're gonna do a Slampt celebration with FILM and MUSIC, with Pete Dale in the flesh and plenty of mulled cider.

Slampt are true RND heroes, channelling an uncompromising DIY / anti-corporate ethos stoically throughout their amazing existence. They hosted all-day punk events, put out painstakingly carefully put together records, and generally promoted all avenues of UK Riot Grrrl at no personal gain to themselves and for the greater good of all those who came into contact with them.

First off, at 7pm sharp, will be only the second ever screening of the super rare Film Documentary/Videozine, SLAMPTUMENTARY. It's a lighthearted 50min expose of what happened at Slampt, and features shocking Kenickie revelations! :O

after this, and when we've stacked all the chairs up in the correct fashion, we can have a dance. To supply all necessary beats, we have PLAYING LIVE:


the pre-eminant Slampt band, and enjoying a little renaissance on the back of the amazing Indietracks performances and a new lease of life on Fortuna Pop records.

the wimpyshakers haven't played in Brighton for yonks, and will hit the south coast for a one-off show on terrific form. Led by Pete Dale, co-founder of Slampt, Milky Wimpshake play twee-punk-politico-action skiffle. and are the greatest thing ever. listen to them here....



humousexual are a two-piece london outfit, the bastard offspring of Slampt and Lungleg. Comprising Boitel and Victor (boitel is coming over especially for this show from berlin). They make uncompromisingly pro-vegan, pro-tea, pro-sittingdown punk rock. signed to Everard records and beloved of everyone from SE15 to Manchester. They hardly ever play, even less so in Brighton, and are the finest queer indiepop duo of all time, dont miss.

you can listen to everything they've ever done here...



veterans of Riots Not Diets#1, Woolf are channeling the slampt spirit through re-purposed women's missions and old folk tales.

Think Octavia E Butler fronting the Shaggs after 3 months living in a squat with Nadine Dorries.

Listen to colly,irene,sophie and georgia here...


.....there's one more tbc, watch this space.

as usual, there will be a vast array of DIY gubbins to buy at the show, it's at the West Hill Hall, a beautiful community space/scouthut, beloved of all those who visit.

The show will finish by 1030pm, so all London-based Slampty-bobbins can catch the last train home, which is roughly at 1130pm. so you could even help tidy up in the intervening hour. rock on.

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